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"Together We"
Walk. Create. Play.

A collective healing lab composed of experiential gatherings with Emma Julaud, Somatic Practitioner & Facilitator

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


You are Invited to Explore...

TogetherWe is a series of experiential gatherings that brings people together and offers somatic tools to help regulate the nervous system. Do you need to walk and be in nature more often? Do you need the help of others to find motivation and develop your creativity?  Are you curious to explore gentle practices to help you go back to a more grounded self? I am looking forward to walking with you in silence,  increasing creative self engagement as a group, and practicing rest and play together in a quiet space. 

I invite you to join me in community  to walk, create, and play.

Together, We..



Walking in silence is about self-regulation; walking together is about co-regulation. One of the ways to help the nervous system is by walking mindfully, in silence. The combination of moving the body in a gentle way, practicing presence, and being in a community is a wonderful recipe to bring back softness into our experience. 

Join me on a weekly walk in nature in the Los Angeles area. Free event. Register now to receive more info.



This is a virtual space to provide an environment where you can come and focus on a project. Maybe you want to write something, organize papers, draw, create something, crochet, or just read a book – but you’d rather do it in someone’s company. Maybe you are simply looking to develop your creativity. A few prompts will be offered for you to explore.

This gathering happens on Fridays at 10am PST on Zoom. Free event. Register now to get the Zoom link.



This experiential gathering will combine somatic practices, cultivate body awareness, and allow for gentle movement explorations. You will first allow yourself to rest, and from that more quiet place, notice what arises. Bring a mat, headphones, a journal and a pen. Come out more centered, refreshed, and bring home somatic tools and practices to help regulate your nervous system. Paid event with sliding scale. First gathering will be announced soon.

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Upcoming Gatherings

  • Play & Rest
    Play & Rest
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    This experiential gathering will combine somatic practices, cultivate body awareness, and allow for gentle movement explorations. Practices for both rest and play will be offered.
Requests and Ideas

Do you know a location for a walk in nature you would like us to go to? Do you prefer walking in the evening? Do you have a preferred kind of music you like to create with? Is there a creative project you would like to explore in community? Do you have a practice of play or rest that you would like to share with us? Any other feedback? 

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