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A gentle approach to stress management and trauma recovery

Somatic Experiencing

CranioSacral Therapy


What is CranioSacral Therapy (CST)?

CST is a hand-on therapy that notoriously comes from Osteopathy, a form of alternative medicine developed in the 1800's in the U.S.

CST uses a light touch to help release tension patterns in the body. It promotes deep relaxation, helps the body’s innate self-healing capacity, helps down-regulate the nervous system to encourage health improvements.

The CranioSacral System of the body is a physiological system composed of the cerebrospinal fluid and membranes surrounding the brain and the spinal cord (the central nervous system), as well as the attached bones (cranium, face, vertebral column and pelvis), sutures and vessels. Learn More


What is Somatic Experiencing® (SE)?

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-oriented approach to healing trauma and stress disorders. Supported by research, SE was developed by psychologist Dr. Peter Levine, after he observed animals in the wild, and their capacity to innately shake traumatic events off their nervous system. SE is a practice inspired by nature, learning and understanding another way of responding to threat and survival.

This therapeutic method employs awareness of body sensations to help people resolve unprocessed trauma gradually, organically, and safely in the body. Learn More

Our Welcoming Space

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When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

– Lao Tzu

Flowing Still  is in service of the Human Being to support healing, change, and transformation.

'Flowing' because life is movement.

'Still' reminds us that in deep presence we can listen, hear, and see.

Our relation to oneself shapes our relation to the other and our environment.

Healing what has been stuck, painful and dysfunctional in us is an urgency to influence change in the world.

Flowing Still offers safety for unfolding, with a graceful and loving assistance, and in collaboration together.

Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible.

– Thich Nhat Hanh


The CranioSacral Therapy session(s) with Emma were AMAZING.  I have had several years of lower back tightness, stress in my neck and shoulders and with Emma's calming sessions she was able to get me all squared away.  I feel more centered and no back pain or stress.  It only took 3 sessions of about an hour and weeks later I am still feeling Fantastic.  Thank you Emma for getting my mind, spine and body back on the same page.

John, Sept 2017

"Emma is one of those rare individuals who truly listens and is able to translate what she hears into a plan of action for your better health. Her intuitive manner and magic hands have made changes in my body which I did not think were possible.  Both she and her office create an atmosphere of positivity and joy."

Carole, March 2019

When I met Emma I had terrible pain in my shoulders and neck from session one I've always had an extraordinary experience, she's been really helping me to feel better in all ways. After the session I can feel relieved from stress and pain. I can feel myself more calm and focused, I wish I could come with her once a week. -at least- She's a healer, has the touch to realign your energy and teaches you how to understand your body. I feel so blessed to find her. Thank you Emma.

Gigi, June 2018

Flowing Still

1913 Hyperion Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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