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Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Read Full Article there: JOURNEY FOR EARTH

3 parents share their journeys of letting go, connecting and energy healing…

Emma, craniosacral therapy practitioner, passionate about arts, nature and life. Human Being, daughter, sister, wife and mother of a 4 year old.

"We are all One. We are all connected.

Our mind knows this broad and vague concept yet we have great difficulty to embody it.

I have found in my experience that one way to sense the connection to this oneness is through body awareness.

The more I connect to what is going on inside of my body, the more opportunities I have to be connected in my relationships with people, nature and ultimately with life.

If we imagine our environment as a mirror of oneself, then feeling the aliveness of our body can help to understand the true nature of life in everything that surrounds us.

I believe that part of my journey is to help people increase their body awareness, and it manifests in different forms.

Being a parent can be one of them.

From the beginning of my pregnancy, I greatly increased the simple practice of ‘listening to my body’ with the intention to share and teach it to my son.

Here are some of the tools I have been using along the way to help me feel more connected to myself, my child, and the ‘life force’ that flows through each and every one of us:

~ Loving, nurturing and therapeutic touch: through massage , craniosacral therapy or by simply being present. It has not only helped with my personal healing, but has also encouraged my child’s development.

~ Meditation, which I have been integrating in my life over the years, and is known today by my 4 year old as practicing ‘quiet bear’ time.

~ Yoga, which evolved into Mommy & Me when my son turned 3 months old.

~ Practicing the Arts. Music, dance and drawing are most present in our household, but any type of art would do. Life without Art and Creativity is like a cupcake without frosting. Something sweet is missing.

~ Increasing knowledge about the human body. Some people may know more about their car than about their body, when this is the most precious vehicle they own… Knowing more about my body has helped me understand that it is not a machine and that there is more to fixing broken parts.

Every day, every moment, I get a new chance, a new experience of what it is to connect to my body; whether it is through being a parent, a wife, a friend, or through my professional practice.

There are many ways and many tools to help us on our journey, but what seems to be essential is ‘how does my journey make my body feel in this moment’?

Hopefully it is a pleasant ride.”


Emma Julaud, CMT, CST. Flowing Still, Body Therapy.

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